Cut Throat Shave

Martino’s Metro Shave is the ultimate shave experience. Included is the Martino’s Metro Face Treatment. This will cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise the skin and will prepare your skin for the cut throat shave.

All shaves are professionally and hygienically administered.

Once the shave is completed a cold towel will be applied to close the pores. Finally an aftershave balm will be applied to cool, calm and soothe the face.

Face Treatment

With every face treatment, Martino’s will contour your treatment to your needs and concerns, leaving skin vibrant and refreshed.

3 different Face Treatments are available at Martino’s:

  • ½ hour Martino’s Metro Face Treatment – will cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise your skin. Scalp and sinus massage included.
  • ½ hour Martino’s Deluxe Face Treatment – Metro Face Treatment plus an additional neck and shoulder massage.
  • 1 hour Martino’s Face Treatment – Metro Face Treatment plus an additional back, neck and shoulder muscle stretching massage.
Nioscape Scalp Analysis

Martino’s offers a comprehensive scalp consultation utilising the Nioxin Nioscope machine. The Nioscope is a specialised magnifier that studies the condition of the scalp.

Nioxin Density Repair Therapy

This intense repair treatment uses lightweight conditioning agents to target damaged, dry or colour-treated hair. The in-salon 10 minute treatment helps to provide protection by strengthening the hair shaft against damage.

Nioxin Scalp Dermabrasion

The scalp treatment uses dermabrasion technology to help regenerate andrevitalise scalp surface skin through exfoliation.

The 10 minute treatment removes congestion build-up around hair follicles.

The treatment can be administered on its own or as part of the Nioscope Scalp Analysis.

Redken Colour Camo

Colour camo is a 5 minute treatment which temporarily camouflages grey hair.

Colour camo comprises of ingredients that improve the condition of your hair.

It contains protein which gives your hair strength and quinoa oil which gives your hair shine.

It contains no ammonia.

Wet Shave

Martino’s is continuing with an old style barber tradition by offering the Martino’s Wet Shave.

The skin is prepared for the cut throat shave with the use of hot towels.

A premium shave soap is then continuously lathered and applied using a quality shave brush. All shaves are professionally and hygienically administered.

Once the shave is completed a cold towel is applied to close the pores. Finally and soothe the face.